CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Course Reader, Volume 1: Semester Assignments

Berkeley students: Do not print or use these pages! They do not have the dates for the current semester, so they won't help you. They are here for non-Berkeley people. ESPECIALLY DON'T LOOK HERE FOR THE PROGRAMMING PROJECTS, WHICH ARE DIFFERENT HERE FROM THE CURRENT ONES!

For many years I resisted the trend to putting course materials online, but I've been convinced because of the increasing numbers of people who aren't at Berkeley but use the online lectures to study SICP. Welcome, visitors! Our course reader is divided into two volumes, this small one with semester-varying material, and Volume 2, with unchanging reference material, so that our students can buy used copies of Volume 2, and only need new copies of Volume 1. What's online has the dates removed. Also, the projects vary somewhat from semester to semester, so what you see here is only approximately what's current -- I don't update the online version.




Volume 2

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